11 months natural :)

well hello there all.

i’ve been M.I.A. the past few days & i’m sorry loves.

but today marks my 11 month anniversary for being a natural hair diva. yayyy !

today is also iphone 4 pre-order day however i was hit with this disturbing message: the white iphone 4 is not available for pre-order or instore pick up.

blahhh. i’m so freaking madd. Β but here is a picture of the phone anyway…lol

okay anywhoo.. back to my natural hair. currently: i’m rocking a bob sew-in which has been in for about a month now.

i’m hoping to take it out within the next two weeks & just rock some braid hairstyles until its time to do my BC= Big Chop on July 15th my one year anniversary.

well i’ve decided to dedicate this day to natural hair & all its goodness.

off to watch youtube videos, read blogs & check out support sites.

i shall return later to tell you guys about what i found.




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