Natural Hair & Dopeee blog.

Hey all. Sooo today was a major spring cleaning day at my house. & ugh it was tooo freaking much lol. In midst of allll that cleaning, I was sweating like a dog (mind you the weather is 90 degrees & it humid). So all that sweating cause my natural hair to began to itch like crazy which prompted me to take my sewn-in out. πŸ™‚ so I’m rocking my natural do for the next few days before getting genie locs put in.
I totally forgot to do both my fit Friday and my websearch Wednesday. So I attached pictures from my Friday & this dope blog I located.

Enjoy all =)

ayeeee. its growing. BC in about 10 days πŸ™‚

Fit Friday:

so a group of my friends decided to play basketball together & this is what i decided to wear. A white tee, blue jean vest, biker shorts, a grey skull cap & some high top Nikes. Peace.

bloggg; check it out. these two ladies are surely making strides in the fashion world. —>


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