Pin-Up Mohawk

Hey guys/ gals !!
I just wanted to do a really quick post on this super cute hairstyle that I have been practicing as of late.
I guess you can call it a pinned up mohawk. IDK. lol
But basically its just done on 1 or 2 day old hair (usually from a wash -n- go). I use a water, shea & condish mixture to spray on my hair to bring it back to life a little.
Using my brush I dab a little of shea butter on to my sides so they can be easier to manage. Brushing a side back , I estimate how much hair I would like out & then pin the sides up. I repeat on the opposite side.
Fluff out the loose ends. & Voila. Pinned up Mohawk. I spray a mixture of essential oils, castor oil & veggie glycerin to give my hair some shine.
Below are pictures of two separate occasions when I attempted the style. I’m hoping to make a video for you guys once I figure out how to work my sisters computer. Lol
Later Lovers & Friends.


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