Updatessss :)

Well I haven’t posted in a minute & I’m sorry guys.

Butttt…. here are a few updates on my life.

Hair: So this pass Saturday (8/28/10) I got my hair blown out and my ends finally got clipped. I needed it muchoooo! But i had a little cute ‘fro for a little bit. Also, I hung with my fam for my Auntie’s bday party. Surprisingly we didn’t have any drama save for an unwanted guest.

Love Life: Hmm idk if i would call it anything like this but i’m still SINGLE as a dollar bill and I’m cool with that. but i will say info was passed to me about this one guy & i’m falling back like a dead body off this guy. Hahaha. No hard feelings this way but to each its own again guys.

Of course, I have photos to show u guys from my pass few weeks of life. So scroll below.

I love you all. ❀

oh plus follow my little divas blog. http://edhager12.wordpress.com/

k. thanks. BYEEEEEEEEE


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