2 Months Natural.

Hey guys.

So yesterday was my anniversary for doing my BC. However, I really didn’t do anything spectacular because I’m sick… blahhh!!

But I can take a few pictures of how my hair is currently. Right now my hair is in box braids because I run every morning and that’s the most convenient style for now.

Also, I burned quite a few bridges this pass weekend. A part of me feels hurt and sad by the ending of these friendships but another part of me honestly doesn’t care. I’m at the point in my life where I am done with feeling bad for the decisions I made. It is my life and I clearly was put here to please one person, MYSELF. if anyone doesn’t agree with that well then


However, I am a firm believer that real love never goes away so I will always have love in my heart for those loss friendships/relationships etc. If either of them every needed anything from me, i’m pretty sure I would do it. But until then its time to

“Let it ride”.



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