Happy Tuesday

Weekly recap:

So this pass week was kind of crazy. I got the job that I wanted and I am super excited. I just started yesterday and I am already filled with crazy ideas on how to build my program from the ground up.

Hair wise, I have been doing protective styles because I workout about 3 or 4 times a week and I often don’t have time to keep doing wash n go’s or twistouts. I’m hoping to have kinky twists or Senegalese twists by October 16th.. lol i know its a weird date but it will be after my 3 month anniversary which i’m hoping to do something special for.

Hair issues: retaining moisture has been a huge issue for me as of lately because of my workout sessions. Hopefully I can find a successful routine that will help keep my hair moisturized when I have my hair in twists.

I bought my Iphone 4 over the weekend & I must say I am in love with this phone despite it not being the white one that i longed for…although i was informed that the white one has been spotted. eh idk.

I have been apartment searching for quite some time & after getting this new job i believe i am finally ready to live on my O W N !

i’m both excited and nervous to live on my own, but I know that my mother and grandmother will be there whenever i need them so I’m not too worried.

Posting pictures from the weekend soon.

Check you guys/gals later.

Peace. Love. Leos.


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