PacDiv Thursday

Helllllloooo lovers & friends.

So this evening, I am going to a PacDiv concert and I am totally excited. I’ve been waiting for them to come to Pittsburgh and I’m ecstatic that they are finally here. Also, I get to reconnect with my Jamila booskiii and its been forever since I seen her beautiful face & I can not wait !!!

Anywhooo, today is also a day for birthdays !! (it would suck to have a September birthday this month suckssss. lol jk) But anyway I know quite a bit of people’s who’s birthdays are today. I was lucky to spend time with a certain someone last night for his 21st and I wish this concert wasn’t today because I’m almost certain I would be spending the rest of my F R E E evening with him. Sigh there is always the weekend.

My hair today is a maze ing. OMG I’m not one for gels, I rarely use gel in my hair because I just hate the way most gels make my hair feel. But the gel I used this time was heavenly. My hair is not hard or crunchy and it smells great. So I am going to attempt a quick product review for this GREAT product. So here it goes…

Product Name: Curls Goddess Curls

Product Type: Botanical Curl gel to define, defrizz and hold curls

Size: 8 Fl oz.

Price: 7.99 @ Target

Review: I originally tested this on a day old twist out but added a small amount of liquid to my hair and didn’t notice any major changes besides it didn’t leave my hair crunchy and hard. I just recently retried this gel last night after I did my co-wash and put about 8 medium-sized flat twists in my hair after applying the gel to each section. When I took down the twists this morning, my curls were P O P P I N !! I have never used a product that defined my curls so great. Also, I haven’t experienced any frizz which is great. I can’t wait to see what this will look like on two-day old hair.

Product Rating: A+ ; I would recommend this gel to transitioners as well as experienced natural divas. Also, the product is reasonably priced and does a great job


Pictures follow….

Have a great evening.


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