Weekend Recap

Hey beautiful people. So my weekend has been crazy. Both fun & sad. So Thursday night I went out to Melange with my ladies, caught up with an old ex, met Lamar Woodley & became good friends with Ciroc ( my lil boo would be so proud). Friday I went to my students Senior Recognition football game, where I froze my butt off. Also, i executed my first puff !!! Sadly they lost & a few of my favorite students were involved in fights. After that I went to the movies with my loves to see RED (which was excellent). Saturday was filled with breakfast, SHOPPING & I spent time with my lil shorty before going out to Mosaic. Ahhh so Mosaic was bananas. We got exclusive VIP, free bottles from handsome men & danced the night away. Today, I woke up to a terrible phone call, stating that one of the young men who was in an excellent mentoring program was shot & killed last night at a homecoming party. My prayers go out to the Grayson family, Jeron will always be a great memory. It is also the return of Big Ben & we are back in full effect after that looooooong bye week. STEELER NATION stand up πŸ™‚
I hope you all have had a great weekend. I’m off to a football party.
Later Loves ❀

Peace. Love. Leos.





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