Weekend Recap

Hellooooo guys,

So these past few weekends have been phenomenal. I have been on two separate road trips to the exact same place and both times I have had the time of my life.

First, my sister and our friend Derease went down to the DMV for Howard’s Homecoming and to visit my family & boy did we have a freaking ball. From partying until 5 in the morning, meeting Wale (<3), crazy car rip sessions, mall trips, meeting club promoters, GREAT FOOD!, & much much more. I must say the DMV showed us a great time.

The second time, this pass weekend, I went with my brother’s (Nygel, Kevin, and Oliver) and my big sissy poo Briana. I need to add that these four are characters and I kind of knew I was in for a crazy adventure with these guys. I mean it was endless laughter from the time we all set foot in our “swagger wagon” until the time we all went our separate ways earlier this morning. Sightseeing, endless cyphers, nonstop drinking, and JOKES galore defined this trip.

Overall, both times I went were excellent and I honestly can not wait to go back next month. Plus, Oliver and I are looking into moving down there because that is a non profit breeding ground and we are both eager to get involved.

In the world of boys. ahhhhhh, what can I say. Old lovers are back in my life once again and I absolutely love it and hate it at the same time because now my mind is alllllll the way screwed up. Yuuup. But I’m pretty sure I have the right one for me in mind, I just have to convince him the same. Until that happens, I’m continuing along with my less complicated single life. sigh

Lastly, my hair has been in a protective style for the past few days. I believe I took pictures of it LOL. If not, they are in smedium sized box braids and they are holding up just great. I’m thinking of refreshing these every Sunday until Christmas time when I will get a blow out and my ends trimmed. Hmmmm sounds like a plan.

However, I have a whole bunch of work to catch up on and this post is becoming a tad bit long. Until next time my friends.




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