So my ex & I are slowly working things out and trying to attempt another relationship. For now, I like the way things are going despite one thing. His relationship/friendship with his ex. It’s funny, confusing & quite annoying at times. I speak my peace here and there but there is only so much I can comment on being that we are not together.
Boundaries. I honestly believe this along with communication & trust are important to relationships. Without set boundaries, females/males could do just about anything they want with your significant other. I think we are attempting to set boundaries but not reinforcing them. I don’t want to be a controlling partner but there are some situations that need to be dealt with and I believe that this remaining friendship is one of them. Now I’m not saying that they can’t be friends but I think it’s best he describes what he wants out of their friendship. Especially since they both have remaining feelings for one another. I would just love for him to be like, “look we are friends and the constant phone calls every hour of the day, the questioning of my whereabouts & the drama needs to stop.” but hey we don’t live in a perfect world. I can only hope that he will handle the situation before I have to give up on us. I’m not for the drama and if this can’t be resolved, I’ll be happy to move on and let them work it out.


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