I need to escape…

So I’m sitting in my local library before my meeting at noon & let’s just say that I am BEAT. I was awoken via text early this morning around 4 & I have been running ever since.
I’m guessing people actually read this thing because a weird turn of events took place. While playing scrabble with Warren yesterday, his ex sent me a text that caused me to think & think hard. I was believing she was taking the adult road & letting Warren and I attempt to rebuild our friendship and possibly a relationship. However I was wrong & I just feel outright disrespected. If the tables were turned, I would never call or text Warren at all hours of the night asking his whereabouts & creating unnecessary drama. Why? Because I know and respect my boundaries as a friend. I’m not putting the blame all on her cause Lord knows Warren is very indecisive but it just amazes me the lack of respect, us as women have for others relationships. Idk maybe I’m thinking about this a little too much but for now I’m over the disrespect. Warren is not in any shape my boyfriend and I can only voice my opinion and allow him to decide how he wants to respect it.
Lastly, I’m creating another blog. I think I’m going to leave this for my personal thoughts like a diary and my second blog will be devoted to fashion, music, education & natural hair. Plus, it will be on blogspot because a lot more of my friends have accounts on there and it will be much easier to get noticed. I will post the link once I get to my computer and set it all up.
Until then, I need an escape.


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