Length Check, New Blog, Oh My…

Goooood morning.

So I have decided to make another blog that would focus more on fashion, natural hair, photos, music and other random sightings and leave this blog dedicated to my own personal natural hair journey and just my random babbles.

Here’s the link to my other blog–> http://errickasthoughts.blogspot.com/ Check it out por favor. 🙂

Next, my nappiversary passed on the 12th sooo I did a quick length check and will post the pictures for you all. 5 months natural. Just typing that boosts my spirits. I can’t wait until there is a 1 in front of that 5. I must admit I am noticing a lot of growth despite the cold weather. My back is growing rapidly as usual and my front is finally catching up. Its just that darn middle area that is taking its good ole time. But hey do ya thing baby, I’m equally happy that I have healthy hair.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, if you have been keeping up with my last few posts my life has been a tad bit more filled with drama. Now I hate confrontation, arguments and all that other unneccessary negative energy. I’m truly a peacemaker at heart. But these last few days have taken a toll on my heart and I must say today I woke up in a much greater mood because I think I have come up with the solution to my problems which is, DON’T ASSUME.

I know and totally understand that Warren is not my boyfriend and a part of me is fine with that because of all the mean things I have done to him in the pass and I know he is not fully over them just yet. The other half of me just wants to punch him in the mouth and force him to act upon his feelings. However, like I previously stated I’m not for the drama. So I’ve decided to take all of my emotions out of this “friendship” and just let things happen on their own.

I  can not get upset if Nakita texts/calls his phone. Why? Because that is not my man.

I can not get upset if Warren decides to hang/chill whatever you want to call it lol with Nakita. Why? Because again, that is not my man.

I will not get upset anymore. I am not in a relationship with anyone.

For some reason typing that out does wonders. I feel 10X more empowered. But that is the solution to my problems.

Setting my emotions to the side and just being an outstanding friend to the man who has been there for everything and I think its time I returned the favor.


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