Just got paid, friday night

Sooo, I’m excited I don’t have to work until 6:30 & it’s freaking payday. I have to finish up the rest of my Xmas shopping and pay a few bills but I will have enough money left over to treat myself to something nice.
Tonights agenda: work party (blahh), students basketball game & possible outing. I’m not sure yet about the last part though.
I finally got a full nights rest & I think I know why. Warren. Along with my void emotions & the open lines of communication, my heart doesn’t have to beat so rapid anymore. I’m truly leaving the whole situation up to him. And I’m kind of happy it’s this way. Today was rough, waking up to him was great but I still had some questions. So all today it has been rocky. Mini arguments quickly resolved & repeat. But after the frustration subdued I just thought that I’m over the arguments. I know I want to be with Warren & I know it will happen.
Anywho, I’m ready to hang with Court & drink and end up in Warrens arms tonight.
I shall catch you all later.
Peace ❀


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