Lazy Sunday

Despite the title of this post, I’ve been pretty busy for it to be a Sunday. I’ve been up since 8 running around in madness.
I took two of my students to the mall earlier to buy an outfit for her, Maryah’s birthday. She is the first person I’ve ever been with in a mall who takes forever to shop. Nonetheless we found her the perfect birthday outfit along with some polo boots for myself πŸ™‚
Now, I’m reading magazines at work with my feet up debating on if I want to eat lunch now or at 2. Real busy huh? Lol
Anywho 24 hours after the madness took place and I’m slowly coming to a choice. I can’t continue on with the lies, sneaking around, deceit, deception & whatever else is taking place. I just can’t do it. I have enough to deal with during the week with my students & the added madness is not needed. I’m almost certain the response I will receive when I send this farewell text. However, I have a greater will power to not respond. Life goes on, my heart will heal. This will not keep me down.
Plus, I will be in DC for a whole week…the perfect getaway.


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