Christmas Shopping

I have finally finished my Christmas Shopping and boy am I tired. I spent about 600 dollars in 2 1/2 hours however it is all worth it. I hope everyone who I bought gifts for appreciate it all. I did some minor shopping for myself but I’ll post pictures & do a haul video later this evening.
Currently my love life or lack thereof has stalled. I’ve been asked to censor my posts because a certain someone wasn’t too happy. Idk. If it was up to me censoring would never take place but hey I’m trying to not complain. But I can tell you this much, I’ve become deaf & blind to the he-say/ she-say BS. If I need to know anything I’ll flat out ask.
Hair wise, I did a deeeep condition yesterday with EVOO, honey, Shea Moisture Hair Masque, coconut oil & some soy milk. I applied the mixture to different sections of my hair & then placed about 14 braids throughout my hair. I rinsed the mixture out this morning & have let my hair air dry. I’m contemplating taking the braids out and rocking a braid out but I’m also just in the mood to rock my beanie and do a protective style later on this evening.
Lastly, I’m so looking forward to this weeklong DC trip next week with Courtney and Oliver. I just need a change of scenery.
Until next time,


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