“I’m addicted to his pheromones, they turn me on in more ways than just one.”

The above statement holds true to a certain someone. You ever get that feeling when you believe you found the exact scent of your significant other only to be let down once you smell the real thing? Sheesh. Something about that man drives me totally insane. This madness leads me to forget any drama and just want to be held all day long, with no clothes on. Even though a part of me wants to let him have his space and vice versa, something about waking up to him daily causes me to forget that immediately.
I’m facing a serious dilemma. I’ve been asked to do something that causing a slight hesitation. I want to say yes & make it happen. But a part of me is still holding back because of his previous infidelities. IDK. This needs to be properly discussed and thought out before I go ahead and do it.

Until next time,


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