Arguing In A Relationship

we all know that arguing is natural in relationships. it can even be healthy for some couples. arguing is just another form of communication between the two when not enough is being said. a lot of individuals tend to “let things slide” because they either feel that they can adapt to their significant other’s flaw, because they see it’s not that serious of a situation to be arguing about (which is rare for couples to take cognizant of. they just go by the heat of the moment and argue anyways), or because they’re just too afraid to speak up knowing or assuming how everything will turn out. in all honesty tho, i have a passionate hate for the words “argue”, “arguing”, and “argument”. society has corrupted that word into a whole other level, as far as relationship wise. if i could rename those words, it would actually be called “relationship discussions”. relationship discussions meaning there’s no “bad” to arguing. the only thing that makes an argument bad is the way it’s handled. “arguments” can easily be handled by discussions. yeah, i understand arguments can escalate and cause heat between couples and then both individuals need to cool down before they talk, but sometimes between that time of cooling down, it’s best to just talk it out because you’re not preplanning your convo. usually when you preplan the convo, you tend to use emotions that you want to feel. without preplanning, everything that’ll be said will come out natural and be your real emotional feelings. but… i wouldn’t suggest that method for everyones usage. if you’re the type to talk out of anger, it’s best you just cool down (i’m just speaking on my behalf).

overall, there’s a good and bad to everything. you can’t look at something and think it’s all good or think it’s all bad. and you can’t always assume that when things are going downhill, it means that’s the end of it all. there’s always gonna be a way back to the top and only you & your significant other can get yourselves there. a relationship is for couples and a couple involves two people. the only separation you should have in a relationship is being the two sided person you are, which is being a bf or a gf and being yourself. you should never just be one person, that’s how you’ll lose yourself in your partner. and remember.. is real.


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