Dear You,

I hate the fact that you lead me on. You left me hanging here without a thought in your mind that you hurted me. I hate myself for catching feelings for you too damn quick. I’m a fool. But you’re the jerk who left me without a goodbye or anything & in a couple days later you changed your status on Facebook as, ‘in a relationship w/ ________’ thanks moron. A lot of people warned me about you..I should have listened. I was too blind from YOU to even hear it from the people who cared about me the most. Like foreal, I thought you really did care. I also hated our convos via texting. I’d text you, you’d text me back, i’d text you back… *no reply ’til the next day*…pshh, what’s even worst- I don’t hear from you for another 3 weeks. I’m a fool for always taking you back. Now i don’t want NOTHING to do with you. You fucked and played w/my heart so bad…I don’t deserve to be treated like this. I put my anger towards my loved ones…I’m hurting. I haven’t felt like this is such a long time. -whew- …I’m over it.


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