Relationships and WillPower

The following posting is the main reason I wanted to do this post. I came across this letter on a tumblr site and it struck me greatly. I’m pretty sure every girl out there can relate to some of the things listed in that letter. Whether it be the sucky text convos or the change in a FB relationship status.

I once read somewhere that on average a girl takes a guy back about 7 or 8 times before she realizes the toxic nature of their relationship. Now this shocking statistic whether it be true or not, does not hold true to most females. However, why are we as women so weak when it comes to leaving a DOG ? I can attest to this statistic because it often takes me a moment to realize the negative hold a certain relationship is placing on my heart, mind, and soul. With age, I am learning to let go of certain relationships (romantic and friendship) almost immediately realizing that nothing is coming out of us remaining in contact. Now, I am in no way shape or form, perfect but as stated before I am learning.

WILLPOWER. ahhh, this one word is often uttered and thought about by plenty of hurt women. willpower. “do I have the self control to leave it all behind?” “I need to take control of my impulses and actions and leave this relationship.” I’m sure there are thousands if not millions of other thoughts or statements that are conceived by women which questions there strength.

  • The strength to finally say that’s enough.
  • The strength to walk away.
  • The strength to never look back.
  • The strength to put YOU first.

Strength and willpower are ever so important. They are needed to leave your emotional baggage from a previous relationship behind when attempting to rekindle love. With practice, I’m sure this will seem effortless and further aid in the search for love. However, you can not be scared to risk it all. Forget about that lover or lovers whom did you wrong. They are in your past for a reason. Use them as a learning experience, make some changes and vow to never walk that path again. Your future mate will thank you.

The reoccurring cycle of unstable, toxic relationships takes a huge toll on women. Do you have the power to stop this cycle for good?

I do.


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