I’m in love with the concept of love. Sharing a special connection/ bond with the opposite sex just drives me insane.
I want to cater to my man. Shower him with material things as well as affection. I want that feeling of exclusiveness. I belong to you & you belong to me. Inside jokes that pertain to only you and I.
I want to lose track of time in your arms in an unknown location. Forehead kisses, back and belly rubs. Bubble baths in a champagne filled tub.
Make me feel as if I’m the only girl in the world every time we have a conversation. Speaking of conversations, let’s invent our own language.
There are countless things I plan on experiencing with you. I don’t care if I am your first, I only hope to be your last.
I wish I could give you the world & everything in between, but how can I do that when you don’t feel the same as me?
Hopeless romantic? Yeah that’s me.
I wish my prince would just pick up that map and walk to that location marked, ME.


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