Competition, oh really?

The title has nothing to do with this post lol. I just love that line.

Yesterday, I had a long & a very beneficial conversation with an old friend. This friend who happened to be a previous boyfriend of mine opened my eyes to so many negative aspects of my current relationship/ friendship whatever it will be called that it caused me to reevaluate myself.
The main thing that keeps sticking in my mind is, “why fight so hard for something that is clearly not yours?” Now, I’ve been feeling this way ever since me & shorty reconnected as friends. I’m not the type to argue with a female over a male. It has nothing to do with, “there are plenty fish in the sea” or “miss one bus, next 15 minutes here comes another” but more of arguing over males are petty and childish. But nonetheless, I’m not going to fight for a relationship when he still has feelings for someone else. I’ve been protecting my feelings in this whole ordeal and after yesterday’s conversation I realized I was falling again, something that shouldn’t occur. I instantly snapped out of it & let the shorty know how I felt. I’m not in no way trying to force a relationship, I’m just trying to continue our friendship and remain honest.
Granted he isn’t my boyfriend and doesn’t have to tell me anything, however I would appreciate the honesty.
Another great piece of advice from my old friend. Keep your options open. now this is very hard for me. I get the concept of not fully committing yourself to someone who isn’t ready to return the favor but how do you keep your options open when you are so sure of want you want? I explained my hesitation and again he shocked me with his advice. He advised me to keep the lines of communication open with shorty but never shut yourself off from outside suitors. If it is truly meant to be then everything will fall into place.
Just hearing a males prospective on this situation was refreshing and greatly needed. He even expressed his distaste for how things are and how I’m being misinformed.
“I questioned various things, pictures, blogs, tweets. Are u sure he isn’t sure what he wants?”
Hearing these words stung so bad but I needed to hear them.
This most certainly is a must. I usually could care less what how others perceive me but when my friends begin to question my statements and even so much as call me names then it is time for change.
I would never play him for a fool and I would expect that he wouldn’t either but it’s looking like that expectation could come true.
I need to regain control of this situation. I’m in not no way, shape or form a fool & I don’t deserved to be treated as one.

Competition, oh really?


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