Taken from Tumblr

First off let me state that these are not my words however if I were to I’m pretty sure I would have wrote almost the exact same thing.

10 Things I Despise About My Peers
in no particular order

1. You fake ass gang members. Please…just, stop. It’s not anything to be proud of, it isn’t cute. Bloods and Crips fo’ life right? Smh

2. Mind your gotdamn business. Simple as that. If it don’t concern you keeeeeeeeep it moving.

3. Please don’t complain about any of your drama that you initiated/created. Too old to be playing ‘run tell that’ & ‘he said she said’

4. Why do you feel it’s ok to compete with the next man? You don’t know who you are? Can’t use your own mind and judgement? Oh ok

5. Nobody cares how many bottles you popped in the club last night.

6. How hard is it to say no to a relationship if you do not plan on being committed? It’ll save you the drama, unless thats what you like

7. If you partake in any illegal activity…why must you talk about it on Twitter? You really think the government isn’t watching?

8. Why are you still willingly playing the side chick/dude? Why be #1, 2, 3, or 4 when you can be the only one? ‘fuck them im the main’ =\

9. You are 20+ still fighting? Some of y’all shooting, is it really that serious? Unless your life is in danger, what are you fighting for?

10. Why haven’t you all grasped the concept of proper spelling and grammar? Typos are understandable but there are dictionary apps.

FYI. If you have problems communicating/speaking your mind, don’t get mad at the next person for not having the ability to mind read.


2 thoughts on “Taken from Tumblr

  1. All good suggestions/observations….
    Question: Is It’ll a word? It may be, but was just checking, because the writer needs to follow his/her own suggestions.

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