A Letter To Naturals

Again, this is borrowed but I thought it was perfect. Enjoy 🙂

Dear Naturals,
Do not enforce natural hair on others. Don’t walk around thinking that your hair is better than the people who has their hair permed or whatever. Do not get the idea that who ever still wears a perm is ashamed or in denial of their natural hair texture.

The way how we wear our hair is a personal decision. You can encourage people who want to go natural, to go natural. Just don’t think that your hair is suddenly better than everyone who rocks a perm.

If someone thinks that your hair is ugly in its natural state, that’s their opinion. Don’t go on a rant about how they’re brainwashed to think in a certain way because you’re then sounding like a hypocrite because now you’re brainwashed into thinking that going natural is the best option in the world and that perms are just eewie. Just let them think what they think. Most of them don’t have the courage anyways to have their hair natural OR they just don’t prefer it. It’s not like you’ve never wore a perm either in your life.

Hair is hair. Good hair is only the condition of the hair, not the texture. Some girls who wear a perm has healthier hair than some girls who wear their hair naturally. Embrace your natural hair. Just don’t enforce it on people.

If you force your opinion; you become annoying, honestly. This post is not made by a person who wears perm, I’ve been natural for almost 9 months so I’m just keeping it real.


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