The So Called Endangered Species

So I follow this blog over on blogger & they usually blog about male and female relationship tips, topics, etc.
Their tagline is “where the truth revealed…can you handle it?”
Right away that immediately caught my attention. I love gaining insight from the opposite sex, just something about their own personal opinions intrigues me.
This particular post caught my eye because it was directed dowager women who are searching for the “perfect man” and who often believe there are “no good man” left in this world.
Take a look:

The So Called “Endangered Species” pt. 1

I’m totally beefin’ with all of you females who have these feelings. I suppose it would be more appropriate to explain my beef in detail with all of you. I’m talking about the females who feel like there aren’t any good men. AT ALL. Unfortunately for you all, being the opinionated gentleman that I am, I’m going to turn on the lightbulb for you. Let’s begin.

The woman claims she wants a “real” man. However, in order to search for the “real” man, one must know the characteristics of the real man. In my opinion, here are some characteristics that the real man should have, but aren’t limited to:

1. Purpose. The real man knows what he wants in life and won’t stop until he obtains it. He has goals, dreams, and a plan. You might meet him in the beginning stages of that plan and miss him. Pay close attention.

2. Loyalty. A real man is loyal to his friends, family, and other loved ones. The real man will show his loyalty if he feels you deserve it. He won’t step out on you because his morals won’t let him, which brings me to the next point.

3. Morally Sound. If a man doesn’t have a set of basic morals, the relationship will never work. The little things need to be taken into account. Pay attention to the way he carries himself, the way he talks to his family, his friends, and other people. Look at the way he lives his life.

4. Strength. The real man is strong. I’m not talking about physically strong although that is vitally important. I’m talking about mentally , emotionally, and spiritually. He must be in tune with his inner soul. He needs to be able to hold you up when you are at your weakest point. Not saying that he won’t have his own weak moments, but you also have to be a strong woman……..


So what do you think?


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