Words I live by.

Leave the past in the past.

Easy words but how many of us can actually say that we can truly leave the past in the past? Whatever happened before, shaped us into what we are now, whether it was for the better or not. We cannot simply forget, only try. I haven’t met any one person who didn’t recall their past struggles, highs etc because it makes us stronger in a sense.

I am often caught using those 6 fatal words. I try so hard to “forget” the mistakes I have made or even wrongs done to me in order to move on and attempt to “forget”.

If we know we can’t “forget” anything in our past, why utter these words?

For me personally, I do not regret anything that happened in my past. I do regret hurting people by the decisions I have made.
Leave the past in the past. I utter these words ever so easily, however I understand the difficulty of this statement and I do not understand why I force the ones I love to do so.

From here on out, I’m going to attempt to stop using these words and instead resort to communication.


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