Stubborn, headstrong, tenacious…etc, etc.

All these words sum me up. I’m starting to notice how childish I act once I do not get my way. I mean it’s sickening at times. I don’t understand why I believe things are always supposed to go my way. Is it because my mother always gave me everything and anything I wanted? Or is it the fact that things tend to go my way 9 times out of 10?
Ehh, idk but it’s a toxic habit. Because once things don’t go my way, which rarely happens, I lash out on the ones I love the most. I feel as if since I was wronged then someone else must feel the exact same way.
In any type of relationship, whether it be a friendship or a sexual relationship, EVERYTHING should go my way. And if they don’t, again I lash out or just cut the person off altogether. It’s sad. I usually choose the latter and end up destroying great friendships and am often stuck wondering why and contemplating what I could have done differently.
I’m tired of losing connections because I believe that I’m always correct. It gets lonely at times. Before I believed that I could convince anyone that I was right and now it’s getting tiring and childish.
I always believed it was a positive sign of growth when you are able to pinpoint negative attributes about yourself and correct them.

Correcting and growing.


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