Why he “Can’t” Commit ?

I have been obsessed with this blog. OMG. I would totally recommend this to every one.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog. The topics are great and offer so much insight into relationships, friendships and so much more.

This topic that I’m obsessing over now is the age old question of why he can’t commit. Now I don’t believe that this topic is one-sided because as a women to often have commiment problems. However, this particular post was aimed at the male species.

Take a look:

Why He “Can’t” Commit

At the request of a lady friend of mine I’m going to attempt to answer another age old question.  The question is “Why do men have a hard time committing and staying committed?” There were so many different ways I wanted to answer this question so I’m going to break it down.  Let’s continue

1.You are attracted to the wrong guy! I notice that a lot of these women put their all into the wrong guy.  Women need to look beyond the looks and really dig deep into a man’s personality.  If this man really cares about you and loves you, he WILL commit to you with no resistance.  
 2. He’s not ready. Sometimes we just aren’t ready yet.  I’m not telling you to wait around forever but at the same time just like you want a man to wait until your ready for certain things, you have to respect his wishes.  After all, I’m sure he’s put up with the emotional walls and other tests that you’ve put him through.

3. Sex. You might have either a. given it up too quickly and now there’s nothing for him to look forward too or b. not been that good at sex and now he’s moving on.  Be careful.

4. Psychological.  In a world where being “committed” seems out of the norm, images are subconsciously thrown at us all day.  Telling both men and women to pursue sex, money, pleasure and other things that aren’t important.  Mentalities such as “F*ck Bitches, Get Money” and “Money Over B*tches” devalue the woman’s worth and we fall for it.  Women need to stop welcoming that nonsense and men need to stop depreciating our women.  

5. High Expectations.  This kind of ties in with #1 but you need to look at a man’s history and actually pay attention to what he says and base him off of that.  Don’t try to make this guy into something that he isn’t because you will fail.  Take him for what he is.  If you know that he sleeps around, then don’t expect him to commit to you.  Not to be disrespectful but what makes you different from any other girl he’s messed with?  

Hopefully, this was helpful to any women out there. If you have any comments or other questions you want answered hit the email:
Ced- (The Ingenious Squad)
Soooo, what are your thoughts?
Me personally. I often find myself placing high expectations on a possible suitor. I believe it is because of my past relationships and the chance of finally correcting them with a new potential candidate. However, I never realize that my high expectations are detrimental to the relationship even before it starts. I realized its imperative to take my time and not try and create the perfect suitor and to just breathe.
Until then I’m breathing and letting my perfect male find me.

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