Loving Someone Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be With Them

 For some reason society makes us believe that when you love someone you must be with them. That if you truly care you would push all bullshit aside & risk it all to be with that person, when in fact thats not love at all… Its patience, understandability & the willingness to be selfless. We’ve created these false facts that make us believe that if you are not with that person, it shows that you truly never cared. Love is jus so much more than that though, its honestly & allowing that honest to sprout into growth that way you never love in denial. If your not ready to commit, to be “off the market” to be “settled down” or jus not ready for a relationship period. Apart of loving someone is letting them know that. Even if letting them know makes them leave and setting them free hurts you. Its not allowing someone to fall deep within a relationship thats based on a fairytale… If anything i believe that, that shows how much you really love someone, when you dnt allow them to suffer, when loving them selflessly allows you to let them go because you know deep down in your heart they’re falling & your steady. I admire people that see love beyond jus bein with someone physically. Cause in the process of letting you go they’re hurting & its painful… & making decisions based on reality is nothing to be ashamed of, it jus shows that your not willing to continue to let them suffer beneath emotions that are detrimental to them simply living a healthy life. Its almost like shooting yourself in the foot, its simply “sacrifice” loving someone selflessly Point is: if you love someone and you feel like being with them is jus not the right place and time, let them know… if it hurts is suppose to, just be honest let them no and communicate those feelings with them. Im sure they wont understand, only because love is so selfish… try your best to not feel guilty, ur jus bein honest with youself…

This post was borrowed from http://beautifullovve.tumblr.com/

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