Faced with insomnia I decided to blog about titles. I found that placing a title on relationships at the wrong moment often ruins them.
Fear? A sense of being rushed? Maybe they just aren’t ready for such a large step?
All of these could be correct, yet in still there could be countless other possibilities.
Every relationship is unique, communication is key. Talk with your partner, make sure you both understand each other’s wants/needs out of this newly formed union. Make sure both parties have agreed to place a title on their relationship. You can never be to cautious.
Personally, I think I have often rushed relationships and placed or even attempt to place titles on my mate too fast. This caused uncertainty followed by terrible separation and one friendship that couldn’t be saved. However, currently I have reevaluated my certain situation and I have realized, what’s the rush? I know we have our disagreements but at the end of the day I’m happy with just being his best friend. I am truly happy with our current situation, it’s giving me a chance to fall for him all over again.
So think before you put that ever-so-important title in place. You may like your current situation.



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