Happy Monday :)

Hey guys ๐Ÿ™‚

So first off let me wish you all a happy monday. I’m pretty sure all of the Steeler fans out there are enjoying this Monday with a lack of voice perhaps, because the Steelers have booked their flights for Dallas. PITTSBURGHS GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL, HERE WE GO. I’m so excited and not to mention, I have no voice LOL. But we are on our stairway to 7.

Next, I start my new job today and I am ever so excited. The hours aren’t the greatest but hey “get it how you live” right? I shall have more details about it once I get off tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lastly, I went thrifting this morning and found some really great stuff yet again. Now at my old job, I really didn’t have a specific dress code so my work attire was a lot more laxed than in my new office setting. So of course, I was faced with slim pickins in my closest and I ended up at the thrift store this morning.

26.94 well spent. I picked up two blazers, two pair of dress pants, and three shirts. SCORE. (pictures to follow)

I hope you all are having an excellent monday.



ย Price: 2.99

ย Price: 4.99

ย Price: 2.99

ย Price: 3.36

ย Price: 2.25

ย Price: 2.99

ย Price: 6.99


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