-why are grown men (24+) still wearing Hollister, Abercrombie, Aero faithfully?

I’m sorry but I am looking for a man with style and if you believe that any of those three previous labels embodies style then we can not date. I do not get my generation. How are you as a female impressed by that? That is high school stuff, leave that for them, the kiddies.

why do females wait around for their “man” to come correct?

This is a trait that I will never understand. Why are you waiting around for someone to realize that you are great catch? I mean I can understand giving someone space but come on, if your “man” is using this “space” as an opportunity to entertain new women then I’m pretty sure its time to cut your losses. Now I know this is easier said then done but geeze can’t you grow a backbone and MOVE ON. it hurts for a while but hey wounds heal, new skin emerges and life goes on.

competition, oh really?

ahh, back to my favorite phrase yet again. But I don’t get the competition amongst females over a certain male. Why must you compete with someone else for love? If this male truly loved you then he wouldn’t have went out and fell in love with someone else. Again, get out those scissors and cut your losses. ย The competition gets old, tiring and at times childish. Grow up, cut, and move one.

lying about feelings?

OMFG, this irks my soul to the core. I DO NOT AND WILL NOT EVER UNDERSTAND WHY MALES/FEMALES LIE ABOUT THEIR TRUE FEELINGS. gosh, i don’t understand it. If you love me and someone else then let me know so I won’t be sitting here looking stupid. I would expect you to ‘keep it real’ with me just as I’m pretty sure you would want me to.


IDK, all of these things are currently annoying me. I mean I’m not having any problems or anything but these are just things I’m seeing happening around me and I never understand it. SMH. My generation man.




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