Communication is key

communication is key
maaaan whomever uttered these words must had it out for me. i usually don’t engage in communication often when it comes to my love life. i usually say what i want and listen for about 5 seconds to my beau and then thats it. DONE. i hate confrontation, arguments and just plain ole communication. arghhh..

however 2011 has changed me man. i’m starting to listen and communicate a lot more, i mean i still have a long ways to go but baby steps…baby steps have to count for something.

anywho, last night i put my communication skills to work and finally was able to communicate with my beau. at times it seemed as if this crap was not working and i was tempted to resort to violent methods to get my point across. yet in still i stuck it out; listened, responded and listened some more. i must say i feel 1 million times better after that convo.

i’m happy. so i’m starting to agree.

communication is key.


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