January Recap

Can you believe that today is the last day of January? yeah me either. However I decided to do a recap of my month. Just share with you my pros and cons of my first month of 2011 and things I plan on changing for the future. So lets get to it.

I’ll start with the cons

  • not enough communication ; i’m quite sure you read my previous post, if not that’s cool. but anyway I have found a certain dislike at my lack of communication skills throughout my life. I hate that I only fully communicate on my time. Yet in still, I’m making progress and starting to change my childish ways. Hopefully once I do my February recap communication will be on my con side. keep your fingers crossed.
  • pointless arguments ; hmm, i’m almost certain everyone can agree with me when saying we have all had pointless arguments that often lead to full blown screaming matches and negative energy. normally i would average about 5 of these dreadful things a month, however this month i only had 2. now that is a small victory in itself but nonetheless i don’t want to have any. this shall be accomplished in the near future.

i think that is it for my negatives. i’m pretty happy with my current relationship, if thats even the proper title. no titles keeps me happy.

now off to the pros

  • budgeting; oh man oh man my mother would be so proud of me. i budgeted my money quite well this month. i cut back on unnecessary purchases and stalled my shoe addiction (but maaan do i miss it) oh and i didn’t purchase a lot of hair care stuff like i usually do. i plan on continuing this positive budgeting, i’m just a little worried about the upcoming spring because i’m almost certain i will be spending massive amounts of cash. YIKES.
  • blogging increase; i was slacking on my blogging in the final months of 2010 but i’m keeping up with it despite my busy days. i want to transform this blog into so much more but i know right now that won’t be possible because i literally have no time. Yet, I shall accomplish this…once i get a new computer of course.
  • self-reevaluation; OMFG so i have been totally reevaluating myself as of late and I must say i am loving all the new changes i am making. I realized my faults, accepted them and made changes. this in turn is making me a better mother, daughter, sister, lover and friend and im infatuated with it.

Overall I am becoming a much better person and I’m enjoying the journey.



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