Crazy Love

“They say love and insanity
Are somewhat related
The way that they make us act
But baby girl the love between you and me
Is truly the greatest
Though sometimes we hate it”

I’m not sure if anyone knows where the above lyrics are from but it’s a Ne-Yo & Fab song off of Ne-Yo’s Libra Scale album. But, this snippet speaks volumes to me. I’m quite sure everyone can relate to a “crazy love.” That one person whom you just love to hate.
Currently, if I were to categorize my relationship/friendship, crazy love would be the perfect title. There are times when I truly love this man but then I quickly flip the script and want to just end it all.
Why do we do this to ourselves? Heck why do I do this to myself? Is it because I enjoy the madness? The breakup to makeup? I honestly do not know. I just know that it’s a crazy cycle.
I mean is the relationship really worth the back & forth? Are you really happy?
Once again I wish I could answer these questions but I’m just at a loss.
Love is truly complex & crazy. I guess Ne-Yo & Fab hit that one right on the head.



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