Happy 3rd Birthday Dhani Xavier Diggs !

So I’m not sure if you all know that I am a mother but today, February 11th holds a special day in my heart. My son, Dhani Xavier turns 3 today.

Mannnn, i remember that day like it was yesterday. Waking up at midnight to go to the potty, yes I said potty LOL, and I just remember that it felt like I was still peeing even though I wasn’t. Fast forward a few hours, and I just had the feeling of cramps x100 with the constant need to poop. I kept informing my mother that something was not right but she just said it was all in my head and that we would just wait it out. A few hours went pass and I would not get off the toilet, the pressure was unbearable. With that we rushed to the hospital hitting every freaking pothole along the way, thank you Pittsburgh. I arrived in the ER, they took my vitals and all that good stuff and put me in a room while my birthing room was getting cleaned. All this happened around noon, and I was then informed that I had pre-eclampsia, or my blood pressure was very high so I was placed on pitocin. Everything was happening so fast, I was rapidly dilating, the contractions were getting closer, my doctor was taking forever to get to Magee and the epidural man was taking his good ole time getting to my room.

Needless to say, my doctor finally arrived, I pushed and pushed and pushed & out popped my little bundle of joy around 4:30. Dhani Xavier Diggs, 5lbs 10oz and 3 weeks early. Nonetheless I was super excited, exhausted and just filled with happiness.

I welcomed motherhood with open arms and I am so proud of the little man I have today. Although he is learning to test my patience, he brightens my days with his radiant smile and outgoing personality. I would not change anything.

I love you Dhani Xavier Diggs and I look forward to many more birthdays.


The first woman a little boy falls in love with is his mom.


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