Lovesick & Empty

There is always a breaking point. When it comes, it is unrelenting. I have reached mine. I can no longer be with someone I love in entirety, but due to their own issues, cannot accept the fact that I genuinely love, cherish and care for them. The seesaw of emotions isn’t healthy. I know when in love, it encompasses ups and downs, but this particular situation has reached its limits. I want to love hard and have it reciprocated. I want my soulmate to know my love is true without a doubt. I’d understand if there was suspicious behaviour on my part, that is simply not the case as it was in the past. As tough as it is to let go, I feel that is my only option to save my sanity. It’s no use putting together a broken glass, you only cut yourself. My love will be with him forever, if only, he’d accept it.

Signed, Heavy Heart


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