Day 2

Hmm, day 2. What can I really say? I’m not really upset because I wasn’t technically in a relationship. I’m more so upset with the fact that I was lead to believe the possibility of a future when there really wasn’t one. It irks me that I was always requested to be honest about my true intentions yet the same couldn’t have been done for me.
How do you claim to love someone so much but it’s impossible for you to be real with them? If your feelings for someone has changed, why not inform them? You are only causing more damage by leading them to believe that things could get better.
There are a million plus one things I want answered but I’m not quite sure what that will achieve. I’m more focused on regaining the control on my love life once again & just moving on.
Also, the main question that’s burning it’s way through my mind & heart is, shall we remain friends. I’m about 90/10 to the answer of this question & the 90 is leaning towards a no. Yet a small part of me still wants to remain friends because that’s what we began as, friends. I’m quite sure I won’t make a verdict on this decision for a long time, again as I said, for now I’m focusing on Erricka which isn’t such a bad thing.



2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. You can’t remain friends because you will not be able to move on. Go no contact for awhile so that you are not constantly checking on him while trying to keep the focus on YOU! It’s not easy but you will thank yourself in the long run.

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