Lonely Vs. Alone

With my current situation this post speaks to me. So I figured I share it with you all.

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Lonely vs. Alone

“[Spent] So much time alone, I have taken for granted time spent with someone else” 

I have had my struggles over time with feeling “unwanted”, “alone”, even “Incompetent” , and I’m sure everyone has!
Honestly what is it that makes us feel this way cause only 15% (if that) of the people that utter, “I’m lonely!” or “Why do I feel so alone?” are actually . . . Lonely or alone!

1alone adj \ə-ˈlōn\

: separated from others : isolated

lone·ly adj \ˈlōn-lē\

: being without company : lone b : cut off from others : solitary
: not frequented by human beings : desolate
: sad from being alone : lonesome
: producing a feeling of bleakness or desolation 

even looking at the definition the truth is… its just a matter of how you deal with situations. I understand that you may feel a certain way once someone decides to remove you from their life or the remove themselves from yours, but When you say you are alone yet you have people around you that want to be there for you through your times of need its hard to feel any sympathy for you. (or myself for that matter!)

Everybody at one point in their life feels a need to speak those dreaded words.. that horrid phrase off their lips, keep in mind that if you separate yourself from the world and confine yourself in solitude then you will be alone no doubt and end up sad from putting yourself in that situation resulting in loneliness.

Plus.. You are never alone when God is by your side!

~PoetikPicasso (Ingenious $quad)


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