February is coming to an end

So February 2011 is coming to an end and I was hoping to reflect on this past month, recalling the positive and negatives that have occurred.
-constant back and forth drama with my “relationship/ friendship”
-drama with my sons father
-slacking on work out regimen

-Dhani turned 3. Yipeee
– more & more effective communication
– much better budgeting πŸ™‚
– newly acquired friendships
– became an ingenious blogger !!

Overall February had it’s ups & downs but I’m happy to say the good outweighed the bad. I’m currently doing a protective style so hair wise , I will be shying away from the hair challenge, sigh. Also, my love life area is interesting to say the least. I love myself more than ever and I’m just looking for my King who can love me just as much if not even more.

I hope you all had an excellent February. I’m most certainly looking forward to March.



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