& she bald like an eagle, not up top but down there

Hmm, idk if you guys can tell from the title of this post but it deals with me getting my first… Brazilian wax. Now I have never been waxed before and I can’t believe I just decided to jump right in and get the “big dog” of waxing.
My friends & I decided to get waxed for Miami and of course we all agreed we wanted Brazilian, lol smh. So I found a spa and booked us baby.
The spa was freaking great. We were treated like queens. I enjoyed a glass of wine before I got waxed, it was just what I needed. Now I have a high tolerance for pain but I didn’t know what to expect with this. The woman, Jennifer who waxed me was excellent. She explained everything to me & admired my bravery.
Now, the most painful part of the whole ordeal was the top of my Susie. That mess hurt like there was no tomorrow. Other than that, I survived. Nothing hurt worse than that area. I must say I will keep up with this because the ending product is beautiful, so in four weeks I will be getting waxed yet again. It feels weird being bald eagle but I love it.
Oh yeah and a tip for any of you thinking of getting it, DO NOT shave before you go. The longer your hair the better, one of my friends got turned away because her hair was too short.

Anywho 3 more days until Miami. I can not wait.

Peace. πŸ™‚


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