Well idk if you all have been keeping up with my love life but after I ended things with my ex or w/e you wanna call him, I successfully moved on, YAY right? But a small part of me still believed that it was a good thing to remain in close contact with him. NEGATIVE. Although he knew the truth about me & my new mate, he still believed that there was a chance that him & I would fix things and get back together, negative again!! I don’t know if I didn’t make it clear to him and obviously I didn’t because yesterday when we attempted to get closure on this hectic chapter of our lives things ended terribly.
I blame myself for not clearly communicating my intentions between us. I did want to remain friends because that was what we started out to be, friends. However, once I stated that I was staying true to my new mate & revealed my honest to God true feelings about him, he flipped. I mean I felt as if I was being punished for being honest, WTF? Why do people scream they want the truth but in reality they know they can not handle it?
I thought that by providing closure things would be a tad bit better but instead they blew up in my face and I actually felt kind of bad for allowing it to happen. Idk, i would still love to remain friends but if we can’t then no use in beating a dead horse. But hey you know what they say, the truth hurts right?



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