This post was stolen from my other blog and it was just so great that I figured I share it with you’ll especially since I’m currently in the situation of a new “romance”. Its from my lovely boo Sky.

Enjoy 🙂


t’s about that time of the year when ladies and gents start looking for that significant other. You know “cuffing” season, I always found humor in that term. Moving forward, the weather is warming up if it hasn’t already soon it will be Summer time and you’ll see couples everywhere (and the baby making begins) NO I’m just kidding it’s important to wrap it up folks! VERY! Now on to the point of this post…

I feel like when you are looking for a significant other it is very important to have set standards. You know what qualities you are looking for. I think as a whole we forget that we are young adults entering into a world where most people already know what it is that we want. I feel like knowing what you want in a significant other as well as life in general is essential to your love life. I mean let’s break it down.
There are 3 steps I go by before seeking someone of interest

  1. LET GO – What I mean by “Let Go” is I’m pretty sure most of us have had a previous relationship or could have been exclusive with someone; things didn’t go as planned. Then you have this grudge/hate that you hold towards them that could possibly affect the next relationship you could have. It’s not going to do you any justice if you are always talking about your “past” relationship not to point anyone out but ladies we do this all the time. Then we go around talking about how men ain’t sh!t and all men are the same. So, before you get into another relationship or seek someone of interest it is important that you closed that door and left what they did in the past because it’s only hindering you from seeing the good.
  2. EVALUATE – This is a very needed step. It can be used in many situations when being in a relationship or seeking one. For example, if you’ve been in a relationship that you weren’t happy with, break it off, and you’re stuck wondering what went wrong. This is when you evaluate the situation to find a root to the problem. So, think about the things that that person did in the relationship. If you didn’t like their actions of course you wouldn’t want that in the next relationship so make mental note of that. Or was it something that you did wrong in the relationship; would you want to do that in the next relationship? Obviously not. Point is: make sure you evaluate your actions and their actions so past won’t repeat itself.
  3. SET STANDARDS– It is the most important factor of the three steps which is setting your standards, knowing exactly what you want in a relationship as well as a significant other. You get to an age where knowing what you are looking for plays a part. It not only shows that you are mentally prepared but you are mature enough to know what it is exactly.There is nothing like getting involved with someone and they have no idea what it is that they want out of the relationship or from that person. Setting standards allows you to be more prepared in life and as you do so you’ll start to realize how benefitial it is. Just don’t set them too high as to where you aren’t able to meet them yourself. For example; you say you want someone with a job but you don’t have one yourself. LET’S BE REAL.

That’s it right there. Eat, Breathe, and Sleep it…
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The One & Only,
SKY (The Ingenious Squad)



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