March 2011 Recap

Well can you believe it? Today is the last day of March. Wow. Exciting huh? Anyway, I’m almost certain I did a February recap so I figured I continue this tradition with a recap of March and let me tell you, March was one exciting March filled with ups and downs.

where to begin?

Well I guess from the beginning huh? So March started off with music and lots and lots of it. Boy so much good music was released this month and I had the best time listening to it all with a certain someone. Our music sessions were amazing not to mention something I have never done with anyone before and I loved every minute of them. I can’t wait to see what April has to offer, music wise.

 Next, my son’s father was released from jail and is now living in a half way house for the next few months. I can’t say at first I wasn’t too happy about him coming home because I knew it was just getting closer to that time that I would have to deal with him face to face rather than over the phone. But we had our moments when he first was released and now I honestly don’t know where he stands in my son’s life, I mean its like he is more concerned with who I’m dating then anything his son is doing…oh well.

I went to Miami with one of my oldest friends/sister Briana and had a freaking blast. I mean men were everywhere and I didn’t object. I can not wait to return in May. Watch out now, little to no clothes, big sunglasses, long hair and DRINKSSSS!!  I seriously can not wait.

Hmmm, my hair is still weaved up which is so amazing but I’m beginning to miss my hair, terribly. I’m thinking of taking this out in the next two weeks and letting my hair breathe until my sisters birthday (April 30th) or my mothers (May 5th) and then I will be getting a new weave for Miami again. I mean I love how I can just switch up my style, its so refreshing.

Lastly, I guess I will touch on my love life, LOL. So I ended things with my old boo, who shall remain nameless out of respect for him. But like I touched on in my closure post, I kind of wish things ended differently. I mean we were friends first and I just wish that could have happened but hey there’s only so much I can do right. Despite the ending of us, a new chapter of my life has began with my new boo. I wanna do like an introduction post for you all so you guys can meet him, LOL, I just don’t know when will be the best time. Anywhoo, I pretty sure I posted about him and his greatness once before. He intrigues me like no other and is the sweetest person I have ever met. I love how we connect in more ways than one. IDK, I do not want to say too much, because I’m afraid of jinxing it..if that is even a word? ah well

Overall, March shaped up to be a pretty good month for me. I spent more than saved but that was only due to the Miami trip. I’m back to stacking my money until the end of April, which is Erin’s 21st and which I know I will be B.M.F for sure, gotta make this perfect for my true best friend.

Was March good to you?

Peace. Love. Leos.


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