Date Night

Date night with him was amazing. Now it wasn’t your traditional date night because I took HIM out. Yes, LOL. I figured I do something great for him since he has been nothing but kind to me the whole month of March.

Deets: so my original plan was to take him to this taco place in the Southside who serves thee greatest taco’s ever. why taco’s you ask? because taco’s were the first thing he ever made for me and i figured i return the favor. but they were so freaking busy and we were too hungry to wait so we left. on to Yokoso a japanese steak house in the Waterfront. I absolutely love this place but it was his first time there and i’m almost certain he loved it too. we went back to his place to listen to music and drink.

i’m seeing him again tonight and I can not absolutely wait. idk what it is about him that just makes me feel like a third grade girl with a crush on a fifth grader. i just can’t put my finger on it. i love these feelings. shoot i deserve these feelings after the craziness that surrounded my life for the past few months.

anywhoo, i’m possibly getting a tattoo later on today after work. pictures will be posted trust me.

i think thats pretty much it.

Peace. πŸ™‚


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