Relationship Reflection

So on my other blog, one of my blog mates posed a question to all of our female readers. That question was

What happened in your love life that has effected the way you deal with building and being in a relationship today?

And I figured I answer that question and generate a blog post while doing it. A little two for the price of one dealing. Lol.

Anyway, “what happened in MY love life that has affected the way I deal with building and being in a relationship today”? Hmm, so at first glance this question is a bit hard because it causes me to reflect on negative or failed relationships when I really don’t wannnnaaaa.. But we learn from our past right? well.. some times, but that’s a whole different topic.

To answer his question and reflect on the negativity of my past, CHEATING…LYING…DOUBLE LIVES…FAILED COMMUNICATION… are the main topics that continue to pop up when I take that stroll back down relationship lane. I mean no body is perfect and there are going to be lies and failed communication in relationships but the cheating and the double lives are way too much to handle. I’ve been cheated on and have done my share of cheating in my past but I really have nothing to show for it but a broken heart or a bruised ego. The double life factor was a recent phenom for me. I was caught in a love triangle for about a year and a half and I DO NOT know why I allowed myself to stay trapped. ย Yet that is all in the past, behind me.

Now how have those factors affected the way I deal with building or being in present relationships? A whole bunch. I’m terrified of being hurt again. Being lied too. Cheated on. And just broken. But I can not allow that to stop me from building a new relationship. I am currently in the process of building a new relationship and I must say I have not had to worry about any of these things happening and I am not quite sure why. I want to base this feeling on our communication because I honestly don’t hold back anything with him. I tell him EVERYTHING from how I am feeling about us or just things in general. Now some may object to this but lack of communication was a huge failure for my past relationships and this just feels so right.

In closure, I believe that the open lines of communication will play a huge role in the development of this relationship and will hopefully (fingers crossed) cancel out the negatives such as cheating and lying. Communication is key is slowing becoming my life motto.

Thoughts? Comments?

Here’s the link to the original post —>ย

Peace & Love. ๐Ÿ™‚


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