Casino Royale

Last night, my friend Courtney and I hit the casino in search of drinks and good music. This bartender down there was the business, she made us the best drinks in the world! Tokyo Melons & Axe Murderer are by far my new two favorite drinks. We didn’t really plan on playing the slots or tables but we ran into my friend Matt who always tells me about how he always leaves the casino with 700+ every time he goes. Sooooo of course we asked him to teach us his ways & what do ya know…WE WON money. Lol swear we were too hype over this cash.
Anyway after we came off our high, we went to hang with my boo and his friend which was great. Dropped my court court off and hung with mi amor for the rest of the evening/morning. I must admit, every time we hang out I fall for him just a tiny bit more. Sighhh, sharing happiness with someone is great.
Now I’m sitting here at work, bored and thinking of plans for tonight. Blahhhh.

Enjoy your weekend. Peace.


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