Dating via Internet

Ahhhh, the Internet…it has become a fixture in our young modern lives. I’m almost certain today’s youth resorts to the Internet for just about everything…from plane tickets to FB posts. Where would be without the Internet? But I’ve been noticing a new trend amongst my peers and that’s dating via the Internet with the help of social networks and dating sites. I mean with the vast range of sites such as eharmony or blackpeoplemeet even to FaceBook, people are citing that these places are prime places for meeting new people & sometimes even their soulmates.
Dating sites have always intrigued me & I even gave eharmony a go one time when my cousin was filling it out. I must admit, they ask a whole lot of questions & it seems as if you are matched with just some random Joe. And my cousin paid & did all the good stuff but still no luck. Plus we checked out blackpeoplemeet just for giggles & ladies and gents if you are looking for comic relief definitely check that out. The people on there will amaze you to no end.
I mean don’t get me wrong there were some potential on those sites but I just don’t have the patience let alone the funds to play such a risky game with my heart.
I often hear complaints of “there aren’t any good men where I live” or “I’m tired of getting hurt, I need something new”…but it honestly all goes back to, you get what you put out. So don’t be surprised if all you attract are no good losers when you yourself aren’t at the best you can be.
Dating to me should be face to face not through a computer screen until you both are ready to interact in person. I mean where is the fun in that? I want to look stupid, take chances & just get to know my potential partner on my own, not with the help of some random computer program. I am most certainly not a fan of dating via the Internet, but hey if it works for you…so be it.

Thoughts? Peace πŸ™‚


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