The Little Things

Well I’ve been on this natural high for the past few months & I can honestly say I hope I never come down. Every girl in the world dreams to find a man like this & I’m ecstatic that I have.
But once again he continues to amaze me.
It’s the little things he does that melt my heart & are the reasons I’m falling for him. Such as holding my hand when I walk down his steeeeep steps , I’m deathly afraid of steps & falling and I remember telling him that so now every time I need him, he’s right there. Plus he’s so interested in my natural hair mess that he offered to help me wash this wild stuff. I love love love when someone else washes my hair & not only did he do that but he asked how I wanted it done. Sigh, he’s amazing!
The little things are intriguing me. They are exciting & perfect all in one.
I just want to return the love & affection he has shown me and I think I know the perfect way.

BTW, it’s Good Friday along with Earth Day! I hope you all enjoy your Friday.

Peace. πŸ™‚


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