Wednesday, Hump Day

Good ole’ Wednesday. Usually after today happens mywork week just zooms right past me. But this wednesday is ever so special becuase tomorrow is not only Cinco De Mayo but my madre’s birthday ! I’m not going to let you guys know how old she will be but tomorrow is her day nonetheless. Although, don’t tell her I told yall this, her birthday comes at the worse time. A few days before was my sister’s birthday, then hers and then right after that is mothers day. I mean sheeeesh, can I get a break?

JK. I love them both and probably would be miserable without them. Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. Oh yeah I executed my first flat twist protective style last night. I’ll take pictures to show you guys. But it was quite easy, even though I HATE parting my hair. I think next time I’m going to make the twists a tiny biy smaller just so I can have more in the front of my big head lol. I’m hoping this will last me until Friday when I will take down the twists and rock a twist out. Wish me luck


Peace & Love.


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