6 AM

So its 6AM & we both can’t sleep so instead we are discussing birthday plans. Lol. He’s worried that his birthday is going to suck since he has no definite plans…terrible right? I must change this, but how? I’m hoping no one is going to surprise him or anything because that will truly limit my planning. Hmmm…oh well! I need to think of something and quick because his birthday is a week away.
Oh & I love the little gifts that he randomly has for me. All the music, his brand gear & just other random stuff has me elated. I mean what girl doesn’t like gifts? I can only imagine the things I could receive in the future. I know I’ve probably said this numerous times but that man is amazing, wonderful, great! There are not enough words to describe him.
Anyway back to planning. Enjoy your Friday lovers & friends.



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